The Rhythm Chaps Barn Dance and Ceilidh Band

Who are McShane & Shaw?

For a total of 25 years both men have been running ukulele clubs in their respective home towns of Vancouver, Canada and Penistone, UK. Their experience and knowledge shine through. Chris McShane is a multi-instrumentalist with significant chops on ukulele, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar and tenor banjo. He is a qualified and experienced teacher as well as a composer and band member.

Chris is very active as a group facilitator of ukulele ensemble workshops but you’re just as likely to hear him playing various instruments in his band The Rhythm Chaps or calling the dances at a Ceilidh. Friendly, versatile and funny Chris McShane will have you smiling as you listen and learn.

Ralph Shaw has been called Canada’s King of the Ukulele! He’s played the instrument since 1990 and is a forerunner of the current ukulele movement. During that time he created the Complete Ukulele Course DVD series, has written original songs for 5 solo CDs and published 2 books – The Ukulele Entertainer and The Art of Ukulele – on the subjects of playing and performing. His years of touring to festivals and ukulele clubs throughout the USA, Canada and Australia have made him an international favourite.

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