McShane & Shaw – Captured!


This is the first ever recording from McShane & Shaw. Recorded in one day and played live with no studio production or editing.
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McShane & Shaw – Captured!

Track List
1.I’ve Got to Play My Ukulele (Shaw)
2.You Take Care of Me (Shaw)
3.Pig Ankle Rag (Williams)
4.You Get to Choose (Shaw)
5.One Inch (Shaw)
6.The Boys are Back in Town (Lynott)
7.Talking to the Moon About You (Day)
8. The Bus Conductors Tuneless Warble/The Honey Badger (McShane)
9. Pension / Waiting for the Federals (McShane) / (Trad.)
10. Obviously (McShane)
11.If It Ain’t Broke (Shaw)
12. For Next Time (Shaw)

Chris, Vocals, Tenor Ukulele,Tenor Banjo, Tenor Guitar, Bass
Ralph: vocals,8 String ukulele, Banjo ukulele, harmonica & G banjo
All Tracks arranged by McShane & Shaw
Recorded at Creative Music Studios
Engineered and produced by Ian Rafferty